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NI Energy Logs - 1 Ton

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North Idaho Energy Logs

100% Compressed Wood Log
Approx. 8 lbs / log, 240 logs per skid

  • Energy Logs are made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills
  • Much cleaner burning fuel than traditional firewood
  • High density and low moisture content
  • Produces 8600 BTU's per pound
  • Burn hotter and longer than firewood or other manufactured logs
  • 100% Natural - No chemicals or binders

**Please Note** These logs burn hot and long. Please be careful not to overload your wood stove.


Burning North Idaho Energy Logs:

Energy Logs burn hotter and longer than firewood and other manufactured logs.  It takes a very little number of energy logs to provide you with the warmth of wood heat.  We suggest burning NO MORE THAN TWO (2) ENERGY LOGS AT A TIME.  DO NOT OVERFILL YOUR STOVE OR FIREPLACE.

Storing North Idaho Energy Logs:

Energy Logs must be stored in a dry place.  A low moisture content s an important factor in the efficiency of Energy Logs.  To help assure lasting log quality during storage, take measures to protect the Energy Logs from environmental moisture.

One Of the Cleanest, Greenest and most Cost Efficient fuels on the Market.

North Idaho Energy Logs have been tested extensively against other manufactured wood heating logs.  The 8lb Energy Log can not be compared one on one with the competition since other logs are lighter, at 2-6 lbs.  Our tests have been done by weight.  Pound for pound, the Energy Log burned twice as long as other manufactured logs.  The log comparison tests were done in both a conventional uncertified wood stove and a phase 2 certified wood stove.  Energy Logs consistently outperformed other manufactured logs.  The high density and low moisture content of the Energy Log enabled it to pack 8,600 BTU's per pound.  Amazingly, one 8 lb Energy Log has approx. 68,000 BTU's.  Energy Logs are a compact bundle of energy just waiting to happen!  Pound for pound it's awful hard to beat the price and efficiency of Energy Logs.


| Kevin McGuinn 29-10-2019 13:21

I have dabbled with alternatives to cord wood over the years and this is the clear winner. It burns hotter, cleaner and longer by far than cord wood. Also, no more going out in the cold to stack/cut wood. A simple trip to the garage and I get what I need. I'm a believer!! Great product!

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