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Northern Warmth Hardwood – 1 Ton

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Northern Warmth Hardwood wood pellets produced by Hassell and Hughes Lumber Company in TN is the convenient, environmentally friendly way to warm your home all winter long. Our pellets are produced from clean dry wood waste from our oak flooring plant. Northern Warmth Hardwoods provide an excellent source of heat without adversely impacting the earth’s natural resources. By converting this waste product into an efficient heat source, Northern Warmth is contributing to saving the environment.

| Mike Heiser 29-04-2019 19:26

I purchased a couple bags of these about 2 years ago, the owner referred them to me. They burned very hot! A bit on the dirty side though. All and all, they are good pellets.

| Mark Kauffman 29-04-2019 18:24

I purchased a ton of these Northern Warmth Hardwood pellets last season (as the Easy Blaze Softwood pellets were sold out), and was not disappointed. They burned nice and hot (I was burning them in a Harman Accentra), though they did produce a moderate amount of ash. Overall, these are a good solid pellet, and a good value for the money.

4 stars based on 2 reviews