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Northern Warmth Super Spruce – 1 Ton

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Super Spruce


100% East Coast Spruce

If Minute Man Gold or Supreme Douglas Fir is a bit too pricey, then give Super Spruce a try.  These are very hot burning pellets.  They are produced by the Energex Softwood mill in Quebec, one of the oldest softwood pellet mills in North America.


  • Another Super Hot Burning Canadian Softwood Pellet
  • No additives, bark or other possible contaminants
  • Very low chlorides equals less corrosion and longer lasting stoves and chimney pipes.
  • This pellet fuel offers minimum cleaning and maximum BTUs, making it the perfect pellet fuel to keep your home warm.
  • Don't fall into the trap of the Softwood Pellet Myth. There's a reason pellet stove owners in the coldest parts of the country burn softwood pellet fuel.
TYPE: Softwood
MATERIAL: 100% Spruce
BTU / LB: 8883
ASH %: .27
LENGTH: 0.50 "
BAG WEIGHT: 40 lbs
| John Hricak 03-05-2019 00:35

Very hot burning pellet. Very low ash, inside of stove stayed very clean. I burned about 3/4 of a ton in a LOPI AGP stove. Pellets are a perfect size.

| Karen Bennett 30-04-2019 00:31

This product burns very well in our stove. Little ash and long lasting. Heats our home evenly throughout. We are a happy customer with the Northern Warmth Super Spruce.

| Pete Noneman 29-04-2019 20:12

Great heat output. Hardly any dust in the bag, a lot in others I have tried. Low ash after burning.

| Linda 29-04-2019 19:30

Using in envirofire. Low ash, high btu's. Have tried different brands. This is the best one I have ever used. Only had to clean ash pan every week and a half. Could burn 8 bags before glass started to get cloudy.

| Raymond Mcknight 29-04-2019 17:51

My favorite for money and warmth and ash. Not a lot of ash very hot. Not the cheapest not the most expensive but well worth the cost

| Lowell 26-01-2019 21:26

I have tried many varieties of hardwood pellets, but for my money none beat the warmth and low-ash that Super Spruce delivers. I noticed a difference in the BTU’s produced and my glass doesn’t cloud up anywhere near as quickly as with hardwood pellets. I won’t put anything else through my pellet stove!

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