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Barefoot Easy Lift Bags - 1 Ton

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Barefoot Super Premium

Hardwood Pellet Fuel


New 23 lb Easy Lift Bags

We are firm believers that the hottest and cleanest burning hardwood pellets come from hardwood flooring companies.  And Barefoot is no exception to this rule.  They are the most popular pellet produced right here in Pennsylvania.  And by far one of the best hardwood pellets produced anywhere.


  • Save yourself back problems and chiropractor bills
  • Same Great Wood Pellets in a lighter bag
  • Barefoot's new 23 lb bags are so much easier to lift and pour than the standard 40 lb pellet fuel bags
  • Spend your money wisely by burning a wood pellet fuel with high heat and low ash, Barefoot Wood Pellets are the right choice for our hardwood customers.
  • Barefoot Pellets offer minimum cleaning and maximum BTUs, making it the perfect pellet fuel to keep your home warm.
  • Barefoot Pellets are made from only quality hardwood sawdust including Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Hickory, Walnut and White Oak.
  • Barefoot Pellets are Produced right here in the Great State of Pennsylvania.
  • Don’t depend on foreign sources of energy when you can choose an American company to provide you better value, service, and quality.

1 bag = approximately 23.8 lbs 1 ton skid = 84 bags


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TYPE: Hardwood
MATERIAL: Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Hickory, Walnut and White Oak
BTU / LB: 8530
ASH %: .40
LENGTH: 0.75 "
BAG WEIGHT: 40 lbs
| WILLIAM STURCHIO 25-03-2024 15:09

For me (I'm an arthritic 81 year old), it's in the name, Easy Lift, i.e. 23.8 lbs. per bag of Super Premium pellets.

| Keith M. 19-03-2021 14:00

Great BTU output on this product, very few clunks and fines, extremely LOW ash. Using this, at about a bag a day, I still have room in my ash pan after 14 days. My stove is 20 years old and loves these pellets Been using the 40lb bags for years, now moving to the easier lift ones so maybe I don't kill myself bringing in bags from the outside in the winter lol

| Ian A. 19-03-2021 12:38

Easily the best hardwood we've ever burned in our stove (Quadrafire Santa Fe insert) and amongst the best we've used period. They do make some ash but not a lot, and the pot is always low even if we let it burn for almost a week. The small bags are just a bonus that makes it easier to move around.

| Henry Hager 30-04-2019 01:32

At the end of this season Bucks Pellets had run out of Easy Blaze (through no fault of theirs), so I tried some bags of Barefoot Easy Lift, they burned very good in our stove (Quadra-Fire Santa Fe).

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