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Hamer’s Hot Ones – 1 Ton

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  • Why punish your pellet stove with low quality big box store pellet fuel?
  • Hamer's has a reputation of being one of the best hardwood pellets on the market.
  • Hamer Pellet Fuel Co is the oldest residential pellet manufacturer in the Eastern United States. They know how to provide quality pellets consistently.
  • Made from 100% Appalachian Oak hardwood sawdust.
  • Hamer Pellet Fuel operates a manufacturing facility in Elkins, West Virginia.
  • Don’t depend on foreign sources of energy when you can choose an American company to provide you better value, service, and quality.
TYPE: Hardwood
MATERIAL: 100% Appalachian Oak
BTU / LB: 8500
ASH %: .49
LENGTH: 0.50 "
BAG WEIGHT: 40 lbs
| Roger Kneezel 20-03-2020 20:34

Have tried many brands from Bucks Pellets but these are my go to ! Burn hot and clean!

| Mark Flanagan 02-05-2019 12:30

I have been burning Hamers Hot Ones pellets for the past 3 years and have no complaints. They burn hot with very little ash. I noticed that I hardly ever get any clinkers with Hamers as apposed to the hardwood pellet brand I use to get at the big box stores

| S. Cody 30-04-2019 11:34

I have been using Hot hammer pellets for past two years. Hammer pellets are the best with very little ash and a lot of heat.

| Mike Heiser 29-04-2019 19:23

For the price, you cant beat them. They burn hot and surprisingly, not too dirty either

| Rich Maugle 29-04-2019 19:00

Burned the Hammers for the past 2 seasons and loved them, but this season I ordered the Barefoot in the smaller bags just for the convience as both my wife are getting a little older lol

| Mark Kauffman 29-04-2019 18:18

Great pellet for the price. I burned a ton of these in my Harman Accentra, and although they burned nice and hot, they did tend to produce quite a bit of ash. Overall, a good solid option for the money.

| Kristin Devlin 29-04-2019 17:54

We have burned the hamers pellets in our harmon pellet stove for 2 years now. We love them! They burn hot and slow. Every once in awhile we hear a big chunk dropping but not very often. Would definitely recommend!

| Raymond Mcknight 29-04-2019 17:46

Good pellet. Burns hot. Does leave a lot of ash compared to other more expensive pellets but would recommend.

| Alison 29-04-2019 17:45

These pellets are impressive. They put out great heat with very little ash left over. We have had no issues with them at all.

4.8 stars based on 9 reviews