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Hamer’s Hot Ones

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Hardwood Pellet Fuel



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  • Why punish your pellet stove with low quality big box store pellet fuel?
  • Hamer's has a reputation of being one of the best hardwood pellets on the market.
  • Hamer Pellet Fuel Co is the oldest residential pellet manufacturer in the Eastern United States. They know how to provide quality pellets consistently.
  • Made from 100% Appalachian Oak hardwood sawdust.
  • Hamer Pellet Fuel operates a manufacturing facility in Elkins, West Virginia.
  • Don’t depend on foreign sources of energy when you can choose an American company to provide you better value, service, and quality.


TYPE: Hardwood
MATERIAL: 100% Oak
BTU / LB: 8500
ASH %: .49
LENGTH: 0.50 "
BAG WEIGHT: 40 lbs
| Tony Rago 27-03-2024 18:38

wrote similar review about Barefoot...
many notches above Box store hardwoods..
Hamer 1 tick above Barefoot for bit more Heat.
1 tick below for bit more Ash..
As a tried and true Softwood user I would have no issues burning either of these good hardwoods.. burned ton of each this past season and pleasantly surprised.

| Keith M. 19-03-2021 13:56

These are a great starter bag to get a feel for your needs. Much better than big box store brands, lower ash output and very nice BTU output. I used these for years and are my "fall-back' pellet brand when i am unable to get my favorite one.

| Dawn 02-11-2020 15:55

We love these Hamer pellets and won’t buy any other! We’ve tried them all. Less then one bag a day heats our entire home of 2400 sq ft.

5 stars based on 3 reviews