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Matra Softwood Pellets – 1 Ton

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100% Eastern White Pine

 * SOLD OUT:  Matra will not be back in stock again until sometime in August.  The projected price will be around $415 or $420 / ton. Give EasyBlaze, NW Supreme DF or Minute Man Gold DF a try.


Matra manufactures quality doors and windows components as well as primed siding and trims from Eastern White Pine lumber.  The residual sawdust is used to produce these super hot burning softwood pellets from Quebec.  

  • 100% Eastern white pine softwood pellet fuel
  • No additives, bark or other possible contaminants
  • This pellet fuel requires very little cleaning.
  • Spend your time with your family, rather than constantly cleaning your pellet stove.
  • Don't fall into the trap of the Softwood Pellet Myth. There's a reason pellet stove owners in the coldest parts of the country burn softwood pellet fuel.

If you liked Super Spruce or Cleanfire Pacific, then you'll love these!


** Please Read Spring Sale Info prior to placing your order.

TYPE: Softwood
MATERIAL: 100% Eastern White Pine
BTU / LB: 8900
ASH %: .26
LENGTH: 0.50 "
BAG WEIGHT: 40 lbs
| Jim Grow 26-03-2024 18:55

I was burning another pellet and having issues.
Joe with Bucks pellets recommended that I try 2-3 different brands buy burning 2 -3 bags of each.
I liked the Matra the best with no issues. It does seem as if the ash is greater than previous years. Overall a good burning choice for my stove.

| Tony R. 20-03-2021 01:28

Matras are almost as hot as the doug firs. Very clean pellet. I burn the best softwoods sold at buckspellets. Doug firs, EasyBlaze, and and Matras. Cant beat them for heat and cleaner stove.. free storage is a plus. Try that at a box store. Also good to be able to buy my supply almost 7months ahead of coming winter and not worry about it down the road.

| Pete N. 19-03-2021 20:20

More dust in the bag then other brands i have used but they burn great with low ash and make great heat!. And Bucks Pellets are top notch, all the staff!!!

| Michael I 19-03-2021 19:30

They burn good. More ash then last years order though. Will still purchase them again.

| Tim S. 19-03-2021 17:18

When the late season cold spell moved into the area this was the product that was still available. I’ve used both northern warmth and minute man pellets in the past . The Matra was not a disappointment it’s a quality product as is every pellet I’ve purchased in the past!!

| Andrew H 19-03-2021 16:44

These burn well, but left a bit more ash/soot than the easy blaze in my testing. Regardless, a good product that you shouldn't have any issue with.

| Barry C. 19-03-2021 14:39

Very happy with these pellets. Tried 1 ton of them this past winter, and very happy with the heat produced, and the low ash content.
Bought 2 ton for next winter!

| Ken D. 19-03-2021 14:35

Great burning pellet, burn was hot and clean. Very little ash and hardly any "crumbs" at the bottom of the bag. Had the whole house nice and toasty warm. Recommend this pellet any day of the week. Good stuff.

| S. Ward 19-03-2021 13:31

I have had a pellet stove for years heating my whole house love it to Pieces trying Matra for the first time this year read a lot of reviews they all say it's a good pellet so I'm giving it a try. Thanks to Buck's pellet for steering me towards Matra pellets.

| Jessica P. 19-03-2021 13:28

Best pellets we’ve found! They burn hot, and produce almost no ash! Such a clean burn and great product! Matra softwood pellets are the best! So glad to have found them at Bucks Pellets!

| Jeffrey K. 19-03-2021 13:27

Excellent burn, very little ash!

| Henry H. 19-03-2021 13:19

Bought 10 bags of the Matra because they were out of Easyblaze
They are great ,less ash ,burn clean
I have a Quadra Fire Santa Fe stove ,have had it for about 8 or 9 years ,burned many different brands of pellets
Found Bucks Pellets and couldn't be more happy with their service and products
Heather and Joe are great, also their helpers are very friendly and knowledgeable about the products

| Bruce E. 19-03-2021 13:08

I tried 1 ton of the Matra pellets this year in a Quadra Fire 1200 stove. These were by far some of the best performing pellets I've used in the last several years. After running my stove continuously for a week with these pellets I had very little ash in my stove and no clinkers buildup in my ash pot. In my opinion they performed as well, if not better than higher priced Douglass fir brands. I have already ordered 2 tons for next season.

| Roger K. 19-03-2021 13:00

I switched this entire 2020/2021 season to try the Matra softwoods, which from what I understand are a newer Canadian company. They burn hot with minimal ash. They are priced to compete with the hardwood pellets and have served me well all season.

| Jon H. 19-03-2021 12:43

I used 2 tons of Matra pellets this year and they were great. By far the cleanest pellets I've used. Very very low ash.

| Ian A. 19-03-2021 12:32

Burned these in our Quadrafire Santa Fe insert when our usual brand was long out of stock. They burned extremely clean and long, there was a noticeable difference in how much longer a bag lasted. Not much ash at all and always quick fire up.

| Jim 19-03-2021 12:27

Buy them for yourself. Much less wear and tear on your stove. I run 3 tons through my Mt Vernon AE a season. Running 24/7. I go through 1-1.5 bags a day depending on the weather. These pellets burn hot and clean. Very little ash and little to no fines in the bag. Best pellet for the price

| Syd H. 17-03-2021 20:12

I have tried many, many pellets over the years. We burn about 5 tons every winter. The Matra pellets burn hot with low ash. They are now my go to and I hope they remain the same in the future. We use a Harman Accentra stove which I also highly recommend.

| Jon H. 28-01-2021 23:44

I just wanted to let you know these Matra pellets have been great. They are by far the lowest ash and best performing pellets I've used compared to easy blaze and hammers. Hopefully they remain available for a few years.

| Tom Bennett 21-03-2020 00:54

The Matra pellets provide a balanced heat throughout the house. There is little to no ash in the pot with using the Matras.
We have a Quadrafire pellet stove. Bucks Pellets is the best we would not go anywhere else. We appreciate the suggestions and knowledge when we have a concern or question. Thank you!!

| Jason 20-03-2020 23:22

Only second year with a pellet stove, I’ve tried several different flavors last year to see what really the differences were. This year the brand I liked became unavailable super spruce. However tried matra and was very pleased Heat output was as hot or hotter, very clean, less ash less cleaning, price was also better I think. Great product, will be buying again it’s my new favorite! Friendly and informative owners too.

| Buck Meyer 20-03-2020 20:34

Started using Matra last year when Buck's Pellets first got them in stock. Wonderful for heat output, a nice aroma, and very low ash. I clean my stove half as often as I used to. Love them!

| Jim 20-03-2020 19:16

Super clean burn. Smells great and a great value. Switched and haven't looked back. Bucks pellets steered me in the right direction once again. Thank you!

| Matt Bowman 17-03-2020 01:37

I've been in the pellet game for about 10 years. I started out buying sub par pellets from the big box stores. Almost threw in the towel until I found Bucks Great people Joe and Heather. gone through a few brands that were good but I just started with The Matra this year, hands down the best. love them. way fewer shut downs and my Stove runs 24/7 primary heat source. burn clean and Hott!! Worth the money.

| Lou Campanara 24-01-2020 20:19

Been using pellets for about 8-10 years, Matra pellets are by far the best I've burned. They seem to last much longer then other brands and just as hot. Will be using them from now on.

4.85 stars based on 25 reviews