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Minute Man Gold Douglas Fir - 1 Ton

Article number: MMG2019
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Minute Man Gold Douglas Fir

100% Natural Douglas Fir

Super Hot Burning, Very Low Ash!!

  • North Idaho Douglas Fir Wood Pellets
  • Expected performance is similar to the Northern Warmth Purple bags
  • Perfectly packaged (50) 40lb bag pallets
  • Heavy duty 4 mil plastic bags... very tough to puncture
  • No additives, bark or other possible contaminants
  • Very low chlorides equals less corrosion and longer lasting stoves and chimney pipes.
  • This pellet fuel offers minimum cleaning and maximum BTUs, making it the perfect pellet fuel to keep your home warm.
  • Don't fall into the trap of the Softwood Pellet Myth. There's a reason pellet stove owners in the coldest parts of the country burn softwood pellet fuel.
TYPE: Softwood
MATERIAL: 100% Douglas Fir
BTU / LB: Up to 9000
ASH %: .20
LENGTH: 0.50 "
BAG WEIGHT: 40 lbs
| Paul Kozma 08-11-2018 17:29

This is almost as good as NW Supreme Douglas Fir. Very low ash, hot burn, my glass on door stays cleaner longer. Since it's cheaper might be the better buy since results are so close. Definitely a brand on my shopping list.

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